Fraud Alert

Stay away from the fraudulents on the online matrimonial website

Jodisearch performs a small screening of all its clients in order to check the genuineness of their clients. We conduct verification of the email address and user’s mobile phone number so that only the appropriate profiles are there on our website. All the other inappropriate and fraud profiles are deleted to save our clients from the trap of the people who deliberately enter the wrong information about themselves.

We put our best effort in order to help the Singles to find their soulmate but the users have to use their wits and take final decision for marriage. Users are supposed to get the verification and background check of another person before fixing the marriage.

Useful tips for creating your profile with our website

If you have successfully created your profile with our website, then it is your responsibility to beware of the fraudulences.

Some of the useful tips when you sign up with our matrimonial services include:

  • Make sure that you sign up for the original Jodisearch matrimonial site. There are many websites that have the similar name and appearance as that of Jodisearch. So, you should ensure that you should get registered with the reliable and original website.
  • Stop interaction with the member whose details related to family background, profession, income, education and about anything else, seem false to you.
  • Stay away from Jodisearch members who seek for the transportation facility, ask for the dowry, deposit funds on their behalf or demand for money from you.
  • If anyone calls you to get your Login ID, password or any bank detail claiming that he/she is calling from jodiseach, then immediately report it to our helpdesk number. Never share your personal details without prior information.

Important points to consider while communicating on our website include:

  • It is instructed to do not share your detailed information about your professional and other personal details until the things are fixed between you and our other members.
  • Don’t just rely upon our verifications. You are needed to conduct a thorough research about the person whom you find as the suitable match for you or your kids.
  • Access our services from the official website of our company and pay money through the right channel only.
  • In case you find that something is not correct about the boy or a girl whom you have chosen, you should immediately make a report on our website.
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