Privacy Policy

Ensure full security of your privacy

There are many people who fear to take the services of the matrimonial websites as they are not sure whether their privacy will be maintained or not. There is a security risk involved with unreliable matrimonial websites. We, at greatly focus on maintaining the privacy of our clients. We take care of the confidentiality of the details of our clients. We provide following tools for protecting your details from being leaked or misused.

Strong design of our profile:

Our profile formed is designed so effectively that there is a low risk of information leak from our website. We have a tool that prevents your profile from becoming visible to our other members without your permission. We ask for only the general information from our clients like age, gender, profession, education, location and things you are looking for in your partner. It will enable our other members to identify your profile as a general rather indentifying you individually.

Maintaining your confidentiality

We understand that our clients have created their profile with us on the basis of some kind of trust. We give our best efforts in maintaining the confidentiality of our clients. We provide some customized tools to our registered customers for strengthening their confidentiality for profile, photographs and contact details on our website.

For your profile: Make it visible to only the registered members who pass by your filter options. You also have the option for hiding your contact details or profile summery to any one on our website as you are comfortable in search and contact. In the settings option on our website, you will find the profile setting option. You can select any of these two profile visibility options for adding security to your profile. For the high end confidentiality, you can choose to hide your profile from all the users. But this will ultimately prevent you from getting any calls or mails for making connections.

For photograph: We provide the option to upload photograph on your profile. It will enable other members to see you without actually meeting you. But there are security risks involved with it. This is the reason why most of the users want to get assured before uploading their photographs on social websites. We provide following options to our members:

  • Make profile picture visible to everyone
  • Change settings to enable only the registered members to see your photograph or allow only your contacts to see your photograph
  • Hide your photograph completely

We recommend for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality, you should opt for the second option. In the third option no one will be able to see your photographs which will result in less people contacting you. Users can easily change the settings from the settings option.

For contacts: We provide the facility to our users to contact our other members whose profile they find suitable according to their needs. It is a great way to enable our users to establish connection for marriage. Like everything has its pros and cons, visible contacts on our websites are sometimes misused by the fraudulent users. Thus, to be on the safer side, we provide the option for hiding your contact details from unauthorized access. You need to go to the setting option and hide your contact from your profile. We also provide the option to make your contact visible to only your contacts and to those who meet your filter criteria.

By registering with, you can be assured that you are getting registered with one of the best and highly secured matrimonial website of India.

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