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Third party content and related terms and conditions

Our website, www.jodisearch.com, contains some associated links which help the users to get predictive content. As, most of the Indian marriages are based on the horoscope match, we provide the facility to the users to get the horoscope prediction services from the expert. However, the predictive content is not generated by our website so it’s the responsibility of the users to cross check such content from their end. We are not responsible for providing any kind of assurance check for the outsourced content. We only deliver the outsourced predictive content, from the third party, through our channel www.jodisearch.com.

Not scientifically authentic

Predictive content is just an astrology prediction based on the position, characteristic, strength and weakness of planets and moon. It has no scientific relevance. Vedic astrological horoscope prediction is the result of training and experience of the individual in this field. Any kind of related query is passed through the panel of expert astrologers, who provide the solution or remedies to our clients within 7 working days or earlier. This panel consists of two or three expert astrologers who have rich years of experience in this field. Remedies are based on some kind of Puja, Mantras, yantras or gemstones, after the detailed study of the birth chart of the clients.

The astrological services provided through our website should not be taken for getting the psychological help, legal advice, medical treatment, life suggestions or any other advice as you generally take it from the professional advisors, psychiatrists, doctors or astrologers. The astrological predictions given by two astrologers are not always same. Hence, you can get the varied result for same birth chart. Astrologers provide prescription and remedy which is needed to be followed with due diligence by our clients. In case, any of the remedies shows negative consequences, then Jodisearch is not responsible for it. Clients are requested to undergo a through search before performing any kind of remedies based on their horoscope.


Jodisearch is directly not associated with the predictive astrological content on this site. Thus, Jodisearch should not be held responsible for any kind of inaccuracies, omissions, wrong information or useless remedies. We don’t make any kind of guaranty or warranty related to accuracy and precision of any aspect of astrology or horoscope. We are also not responsible for the interpretations and uses that are made with the astrological horoscope. Jodisearch disclaims for inaccuracy in the predications along with the responsibility for any related decisions and actions taken by any person on the basis of the astrological predictions or concerned information available to/from clients.

We strongly disclaim any or all warranties for particular purpose or merchantability. Neither the website www.jodisearch.com nor its developer and the concerned employees of Jodisearch are liable for any kind of loss or damage including direct, indirect, situational, incidental, punitive damages, or any other related event which are of punitive nature.

We disclaim all warranties, either implied or express, including any of the warranty to the accuracy, availability, completeness or website content, products or services including astrological horoscope prediction services, which are just a part of www.jodisearch.com.

Liability limitations of Jodisearch

We claim that Jodisearch.com is not liable, in any circumstances, legal theory, tort or contract, or any kind of direct, incidental, indirect special or consequential damages to any user or person related for damages resulting from using or not able to use www.jodisearch.com and its related services. Whether it is any kind of damage, loss of goodwill, business stoppage, profit of the business, loss of data or information, computer damage, or damages occurred due to unauthorized access, changes made to user's data or transmissions or any other kind of commercial damages or losses, Jodisearch is absolutely not liable for making any kind of compensation and providing benefits to the party at loss.

We are not responsible for any kind of negative consequences in your life on using our services including the predictive astrological services. We just provide a platform for interaction between our members to find the suitable match for them. Users are requested to use your own discretion while taking the predictive services from the expert astrologer. User will be alone responsible for the actions taken after obtaining the predictive services through Jodisearch.com.

Jodisearch has established a relationship with its users under the laws governed by the Indian legislations. Our website is subjected to the Indian constitutional laws. It reserves the rights to make certain desirable changes in the material and content of this site without serving any kind of notice to the users. In no case, Jodisearch should be held liable for damages or loss caused due to the change in content of this website. If there is any kind of damage or loss, then the user is responsible for that.

Users are advised to take certain cautions before relying on any of our registered member, on the astrological services provided on our website and predictive content. Jodisearch and its affiliated services have no liability for the losses or damages caused to the individuals or business, due to the main content of this website or affiliated content provided by the astrologers on our website. Unconditionally the responsibility shall be completely of yours. In no way, Jodisearch should be charged with any of the loss or damage to the integrity, security and dignity of the user. It is the solely the decision of the users to get in touch with their suitable matches and the other members on our website.

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